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We make it easy for royalty owners to sell their Oil & Gas and Overriding Royalties, Mineral Rights, and Working Interests.

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We provide clients easy ways to liquidate while receiving top dollar for royalty and mineral rights. Let us make you an offer today!


Our offers vary but are typically between 25 and 70 times the monthly income generated by your oil and gas properties, dependent upon certain evaluation parameters and diligence conclusions. Prior to us mailing hand selected letters of interest Liberty Oil Leasing has a geological team, which develops a decline curve analysis based on historical production for each producing unit that we offer to purchase. Our analysis allows Liberty Oil Leasing to easily determine the value of each oil and gas royalty owner’s interest and make a fair bid whether the interest is large or small. We make a market in both producing and non-producing Mineral, Royalty and Overriding Royalty interests in properties nationwide. Our goal is to offer a fair market price and provide an easy means for owners to liquidate their Oil & Gas Royalty Interests using Current Commodity Pricing.


Liberty Oil Leasing makes it easy for the individual mineral and royalty owner to convert producing or non-producing minerals into cash. We provide a direct means to liquidate gas and oil royalties and overriding royalty interests. We are a purchaser of oil and gas royalties as well as many other types of royalty interests.

Reasons to Sell Royalties

The sale of royalty interest provides the opportunity to liquidate and clean up the assets of an estate to avoid foreclosure delinquencies or estate tax problems. Some people sell in order to eliminate future legal expense to probate in many states nationally. For the Small Interest Owner, the cost associated with transferring ownership can exceed the perpetual value of the royalty interest. It is very important to understand cost or percentage depletion of a well when computing taxes. Some interest owners do not want to incur extra costs or out of pocket expense for the tax preparation and administration.

Some clients tell us it is cumbersome to try to keep track of royalty interest income and the taxes associated with the interest. This seems to be especially true for owners of small interests. By selling your interests now, you will no longer be required to pay property taxes, which can simplify your taxing preparation or taxing problems.

  1. With energy prices at an all time high, this is an excellent time to convert royalty interest into cash and liquidate. The Cardinal Rule is, “Buy Low, Sell High”, with the oil and gas commodity markets at an all time historic high, there has never been a better time to sell.
  2. No Costs, Problems, or Hassles for sellers, Evaluations by Seasoned Geological Staff Members, Our Knowledgeable Experts aid in a Smooth and Easy Transaction! Use the Form (right) to get a FREE Quote!
  3. REMINDER: Our offers can be up to 72 times the monthly income generated by your oil and gas properties, dependent upon certain evaluation parameters. Get a FREE Evaluation and Analysis on your property. We’ll do all the work including the preparation of the mineral deeds, royalty deeds, quitclaim deeds, life estate deeds and joint tenant deeds to transfer oil royalties and gas royalties to heirs or the new owners. Liberty Oil Leasing works throughout the United States, and most deeds can be prepared using information supplied by the owner or the oil and gas purchaser.

Oil & Gas Deed and Transfer Information

Joint Tenant Deed

Transfers undivided co-ownership to two or more people whereby, upon the death of the first owner, his share automatically transfers in equal shares to the remaining owner(s).


Life Estate Deed

Transfers to the grantee the right to receive revenues generated from oil and gas production and lease bonuses as long as the grantee is alive. Once the grantee dies, the right to receive revenues reverts back to the grantor. Commonly used when an owner wants to transfer his oil assets out of his estate but wants to continue to receive the revenues generated from the oil royalties during his lifetime.


Mineral Deed

Transfers ownership of the royalty interest including the right to execute leases and receive bonus payments.


Quit Claim Deed

Also called quitclaim deed, quick claim deed and quick claim deed. Transfers any mineral, royalty or overriding royalty owned with no warranty of title.


Royalty Deed

Transfers ownership of the royalty interest only and not the right to execute leases and receive bonus payments.


U.S. Oil & Gas Shale Development on the Rise

The United States Gas Shale development plays are growing. The shale wells face significant declines in the first 12-18 months,  however, the ecomonics still support infill development. Please see the chart below for detailed descriptions for the U.S. Major Gas Shale Plays and their economics. Find out where your well fits into the BIG picture. If you interested in Selling Your Oil and Gas Shale Minerals